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      Mondo TV is a group of 4 companies leader in Italy and among the primary European operators in the production and distribution of animated TV series and full-length feature films for TV and cinema. It owns one of the largest animation libraries consisting of more than 1,600 episodes of television series run outright for all over the world together with more than 75 animated movies for video and theatrical release. The headquarter is based in Rome and it is made up of an active International Sales team headed by Mrs. Micheline Azoury who takes direct care of all the French Speaking territories worldwide among the Middle East, African territories and Asia and Mr Alessandro Venturi who handles Eastern Europe countries. In order to support the sales activities in the Eastern European markets, the Group assigned a direct Sales Manager for Greece, Cyprus, Ex-Yugoslavia & Kazakhstan - Mr.Theo Kouroglou, expanding even overseas and covering also the Korean and Japanese markets with a Sales Manager based in Korea, Mr. Justin Kim. The Group carried on its expansion and Mondo TV France started up in 2007. It is managed by Mrs. Eve Baron with the aim of co-producing high quality French animation. Latest productions: “Gawayn” co – produced with Gaumont – Alphanim, “Lulu Vroumette” realized with France Television Distribution and “Sherlock Yack” co – produced with ZDF Enterprises. Mondo TV continued its expansion also in the Spanish, Portuguese and Latin America territories in 2008. Mondo TV Spain was born and is managed by Mrs. Maria – Bonaria Fois through the office in Madrid. In 2014, Mondo TV established a new subsidiary in Suisse, Mondo TV (Suisse) SA. Finally, the need to cover more markets led to the opening of the Group’s Licensing Division. MONDO TV Consumer Products was founded by Mr. Guido Bertè in 2010 with the aim of dealing with the sales of licensing, merchandising and publishing rights of both the Group’s properties to give them more visibility as well as third parties brands.







      Yin Wei, majority shareholder of the company Capital Media, operating since 1997 in the entertainment industry in China, acquires a 10% participation into the capital of Mondo TV S.p.A.


      2008 - 2011

      Mondo TV S.p.A. experienced significant growth, branching into various sectors such as Merchandising & Licensing with the launch of its subsidiary Mondo TV Consumer Products that handles related ancillary activities.



      2007 sees the creation of MEG Mondo Entertainment Germany for Home Video Distribution in Germany as California-based research group Kagan, LLC assess the animation library to be worth over 90 million Euros for Mondo TV S.p.A. alone.



      Moviemaxis purchased by MHE, as the group makes its foray into the film market.



      MHE (Mondo Home Entertainment) S.p.A. quoted on the Expandi bourse 28 February, as the Group enlarges and concentrates its efforts.



      Mondo TV Group's stake in MIM Mondo Igel Ag rises to more than 52%, further reinforcing its presence in the German animation market - the most vital animation market in Europe.
      Development in the related sectors continues. Between the end of 2002 and the start of 2003, three new companies are founded for the distribution of home video products and films produced by the Group.



      The Group solidifies its partnership with the Korean company Hahn Shin Corporation of Seoul through two operations: a multi-year agreement for the co-production and granting of licenses, plus the recent acquisition of 2.4% of the company's share capital. This leads Mondo TV to become part of Hahn Shin's Board of Directors.
      At the end of the year, demonstrating the growing importance of the related businesses, the companies Mondo Home Entertainment Srl and Mondo Licensing SpA are created. The aim of the former concerns the distribution of Video and DVDs, while that of the later focuses on Merchandising and Publishing products, as well as games from the Group's library.



      In February, the general meeting of shareholders approves the proposal to have parent company Mondo TV S.p.A's ordinary shares listed on the New Market of the Borsa Italiana S.p.A. (the Italian Stock Exchange).
      On June 28th, the ordinary shares of Mondo TV S.p.A make their debut on the New Market of the Italian Stock Exchange following a placement operation during which institutional investors and the retail public request shares for a volume more than 17 times greater than the amount available.








      An Efficient Co-prodcution Stucture

      For its production activities, Mondo TV Group incorporates the service of many professionals, including outside animators, scriptwriters, and directors, together with the support of animation studios, each assigned to create animated series and full-length feature films.


      Thanks to an organisational structure that includes numerous professionals both in Italy and abroad, the Group is able to create approximately 200 animated episodes per year (equal to 8 complete series of 26 episodes each).



      3-Step Production Process

      There are three phases in the production cycle for an animated cartoon series: Pre-production, Production and Post-production. The full production cycle calls for a period of time that generally falls between 8 and 16 months.



      Step 1: Pre-production

      The pre-production phase consists of 4 primary steps: Story and Characters (research and in-depth study of the sources), Screenplay (description of the settings and creation of the dialogue), Basic Drawings (for both characters and backgrounds) as well as the Storyboard (illustrations done on paper depicting the course of each episode).



      Step 2: Production

      The following phase is the production, which represents the most important part of the entire production process for animated cartoons. It requires anywhere from 4 to 6 months and can be divided into two distinct phases:


      ? Drawings

      Each aspect of this phase is handled outside the company by a large number of animators (anywhere from 300 to 600), with the objective to ensure a top quality product by creating a maximum number of drawings (between 600 and 900 for each minute of animation).


      ? Direction

      During this phase, drawings are animated or filmed under the supervision of a director whose specific assignment is to suggest modifications or additions to the storyboard, plus variations on the plot if necessary.


      Step 3: Post Production
      The last phase is post-production, which can be divided into 5 main steps:

      ? Editing and Modifications. This sub-step is an analysis of the quality of the technical aspects, along with whatever corrective modifications may be entailed.

      ? Final Editing. This activity, assigned to outside professionals under the coordination and supervision of the Group, consists of critiquing the finished product in order to better refine the artistic result.

      ? Dialogue Track. The recording of the dialogue is carried out by outside dubbing companies whose activities are constantly under the Group's direct supervision.

      ? Sound Track. As with the dialogue track, creation of the soundtrack is assigned to outside musicians and/or sound engineers and is supervised in full by the Group.

      ? Synchronisation and Mixing. This is the last phase in the production process of an animated cartoon and is carried out with the same structure used to evaluate the negative film.


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      TV and Film Distribution


      Mondo TV distributes cartoon series and animated features:


      A - Mondo TV distributes its own production in Italy and abroad.
      B - Doro TV Merchandising distributes Japanese cartoon series in Italy and, on a smaller scale, in Spanish speaking territories.


      TV Distribution rights for the Group's cartoon series are sold to public and private networks including Free TV, Pay TV, Pay for View, Cable TV, and satellite TV. In 1999 Mondo TV produced its first animated feature "The legend of Titanic" (running time 80 mins). This film was distribuited in March 2000 (25 cinemas in 10 italian regions). Mondo TV is working on its second animated feature "The prince of the dinosaurs" (running time 80 mins). This film is scheduled for distribution in the fall of 2000.


      ***** ***** ***** ***** ***** *****




      Mondo TV Library: A Strategical Asset


      The [original] animated series owned by the Group, together with those for which it holds distribution rights (the “library”), provide Mondo TV with an important strategic resource, as well as a significant advantage over its competitors. Each series is created either by Mondo TV itself or in collaboration with leading operators in the sector. Anywhere from 300 to 600 animators are employed during the executive phase of production in order to achieve a high quality product geared toward the forefront of the market.



      The European Market


      Mondo TV operates at the international level. For example over 83% of revenue in 1999 was generated in Europe.


      Specifically 50 % of overall revenue was generated in Italy, 33% in the rest of Europe. The remaining 17% was split primarily between Asia (9%) and America (5%).


      Key markets in which Mondo TV intends to consolidate or develop its activity are:
      a- TV
      b- Home Video
      c- Feature Films.

      The TV Market is the hub of Mondo TV's future planning. In the last 15 years the International TV scenario has drastically changed. The original handful of primarily public managed channels now competes with a huge numbers of private networks on an equal footing.


      World wide turnover for the TV cartoon market is calculated at 2.143 million dollars. The European share is calculated at 723 million dollars (34%) (source: Screen Digest, The business of children's television, 1999).


      The trasformation of the sector, not only in terms of new broadcasters but also in pure market dimension, means an huge request of TV cartoon series at both the national and continental levels. This offers big growth opportunities for Mondo TV, and all producers of TV cartoon series.



      Diversification Strategy for Related Sectors

      Broadcasted by the leading Italian and international TV networks, the Group’s productions consist of television series and animated cartoons which include “The Jungle Book”, ”Sandokan,” and “Jesus, A Kingdom Without Frontiers,” as well as full-length animated features such as “Pocahontas,” “The Legend of Titanic,” and “Robin Hood.”


      Active in the audiovisual animation sector since 1964, the Group later adopted a diversification stategy in 1997 for several related sectors to exploit the rights of the animated cartoon series produced in-house. By 2002 related sectors grew up to 67% of the Group's total revenue. These related are the following: Audiovisual Distribution, Musical Distribution (music cassettes, CDs combined with books for children), Multimedia Applications (CD Rom, CD-I and interactive games), Publishing (books and sticker albums), and Merchandising and Licensing.



      Ancillary activities


      In recent years Mondo TV has concentrated on building up its presence in sectors complementary to its core business.
      This policy is being carried out by expanding distribution activity in ancillary sectors in order to increase marketing efficiency and competitivity.
      In 1999 almost 20 % of Mondo TV's revenue was generated in ancillary sectors with the largest share coming from the sale of Home Video rights (13,2% of 1999 income).
      Ancillary sectors in which Mondo TV is active or intends to expand are:
      A - Home Video. Sale and rental (video or DVD) of cartoon series and features in Mondo TV's Library through various outlets (newstands, GDO, video store, ecc...).
      B - Music. Sale of children's books with Mondo TV soundtracks on CD or audio cassette through various outlets (music stores, newstands, shopping malls).
      C - Multimedia productions. In 1997 Mondo Tv began selling CD-Rom packages with interactive children's games based on Mondo TV cartoon characters and stories.
      D - Publishing. From 1991 Mondo TV has published books, comic books, magazines, and sticker albums based on its cartoon series and movies.
      E - Merchandising. The core characters of Mondo TV cartoons are used to endorse gadgets, toys and child wear.






      Production and distribution of chidren's animation:


      Mondo Tv France


      Mondo Tv IberoAmerica


      Mondo Tv Producciones Canarias


      Mondo Tv Suisse



      亚洲av 欧美av日韩av天堂
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