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Hello! My name is Mary Stites. Thank you for visiting my website! Here you can find a selection of beautiful art quotes. Most will agree that quotes can motivate and inspire people. I, myself, believe in the power of quotes. Some quotes ares so powerful that it can influence a person’s day-to-day life in a big way. For example, the verses in the Holy Bible have influenced the lives of many Christians and Jews for centuries. The writings and teachings in the Bible have helped them live a a life that adheres to the will of God. Biblical verses are very powerful as they are not just written by humans but are actually inspired by God, Himself. But whatever your religious belief, personality, or career, it’s always motivating to have some inspirational quotes on the walls or desks of your home and work place. Perhaps, these quotes will inspire you to have a better day.


Purchasing artwork from this shop is a way to own beautiful printable quotes and paintings without having to spend much money. For only $3 or $5 each (or a set), unique printable artwork is a good value.


I live in the beautiful state of Oregon, with my wonderful husband, and my cute Persian cat. I have always have a passion for art since I was a young girl . My father was a hobby watercolor artist and I always admired his work. I enjoyed watching him create his paintings and from those memorable days I developed my interest in painting and begin doing it myself. Upon reaching adulthood, I set aside my brushes as my attention was focused on school, work, marriage. Recently, however, I became fascinated with art quotes, so I decided to go back to my "first love" -- painting. This time, I embraced all that new technology had to offer. I started creating graphics and digital paintings and I realized how much I enjoy this kind of art. For one thing, this has offered me the convenience to be able to create art while traveling or anywhere I want to be without having to take the messy traditional art supplies. I love working in parks, lakes, libraries, campsites, and coffee-shops. For me, creating art is a very therapeutic and relaxing endeavor.


Many of my artwork displayed here are paintings. Most are hand painted on a computer screen (as the "canvas") using traditional techniques. Using traditional techniques means that I created the image from scratch, starting from sketching to application of computer brushes, shades, and shadows. The process follows that of traditional painting, which, there is no manipulation or incorporation of any other images. The only difference from traditional painting is that, a computer is used as the canvas and a painting medium. I enjoy creating this kind of art but the real thrill is when I put quotes on them.


Aside from paintings, I love creating minimalist art. Minimalist art are simple, yet elegant-looking, and  I love them on my walls as well. There is numerous selection of this type of artwork in my shop. And of course, the vintage beauties cannot escape from my creative hands. I love using vintage images in my artwork too; they are just so pretty and elegant, and I know there are people who love them as much as I do. I will always describe in the description of an artwork if a vintage illustration has been incorporated.


As much as I enjoy making and displaying artistic quotables, I love sharing them with other people. Please look around my shop, and I hope you find some art that inspires your day.


Artistic Quotables bring both beauty to your home and inspiration to your life.


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Thank you again and regards!